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Air Jordan 11 dunk first appeared in 1995 NBA bulls playoff game against the Orlando Magic show for the first time in Jordan. The overall shape to join eleven other classic Joe simple black and white design colors, black shoes and white collocation in the bottom, upper with blue Jumpman Logo injection, Air Jordan 11 is one of the many color quite representative works of mark.

this shoe back in 2016 when, immediately caused a panic buying trend. We have to say, a shoe control is lost in the Nike engraved on the feelings. It is worth emphasizing that Jonny Jordan wore in the film "air dunk" is Air Jordan 11 dunk oh.

prepared a small two different quality Air Jordan 11
look at the original box, shoebox external standard and lining color reflective and charming

Fake, the form is too.

went on to see the appearance of shoes



followed by
from the above chart, the original type of shoes, no matter is a line or the entire body of the shoe material radian, gloss. We can see the original with high imitation of the fake gap is not a little.

original exquisite style, clear lines. Fake fat hypertrophy, relaxation and round. It is very easy to fall down when moving on foot hurts a lot

technology to..
At the bottom of the
carbon plate, in fact, should be called the carbon fiber composite material, because it is the formation of a composite adhesive made of epoxy resin and carbon fiber silk, which is similar to glass steel mixed with epoxy resin and glass fiber, but greater strength.
Manufacturing process of
carbon fiber is very complex and requires very high level of science and technology. It simply is a polymer called pan drawn into wire, and then the wire in nitrogen at high temperature carbonization temperature of 2500 degrees celsius. The first is to use carbon plate carbon fiber silk into cloth, and then form a liquid epoxy resin soaking and cooling after
of our country can not even independent of mass production of high quality carbon plate, so that relates to carbon plate, carbon fiber objects, cost will increase
The original
using the real carbon plate, on bottom stability, support a very good help. You can see the carbon plate with special luster.

and fake, what is the use? A piece of plastic? Don't go too heart...

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